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And I was thinking, at first... we should deny terrorist attack... make them mad. They're like children begging for attention.

As both towers have collapsed...

No. This was an act of evil.

I never did get to go to the observation deck. I feel sad, because I told Joe and Katy, eh, we can go up on the Empire State Building another time. What if they had hit the empire state building? I took it for granted.


Lady Liberty still stands tall. I'm about to shed tears, but I'm not lying down. I am punching shit. Excuse my testosterone, but someone has just brought MAJOR shit down on my tribal territory.

Now I get to go outside
and look out
and see
those towers


How will I recognize New York?

At that point, I will probably lose it.


lookit the boats all streaming away from the city.

And all the debris is blowing south. Without news programs, I wouldn't know anything was up. The sky here is clear. No clouds. A peculiar sparkling, if I look hard enough.

"Why does it happen? Because it happens; roll the bones."

Once again, catastrophe leaves me untouched. My mom can't take her long-deserved vacation. I bet she can't get that time off back, too. But me? I still have an interview this afternoon. I still get to iron my GFUCKING clothes and dress all in a suit and a tie....

I'm a winner. I'm fucking untouchable.

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