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Life During Wartime

Chris is okay. A shitload of the building just fell off.

[09:43:30] <Dark> Jesus Fucking Christ.
[09:43:39] <Dark> Life During Wartime
[09:44:02] <Lars> wow
[09:44:05] <Lars> Pentagon on fire
[09:44:07] <Lars> sweet jesus
[09:44:12] <Lars> GET ME A GUN
[09:55:23] <Dark> YES
[09:55:31] <Dark> At first I was like
[09:55:32] <Dark> ooh
[09:55:35] <Dark> a plane crash
[09:55:38] <Dark> that's wacky
[09:55:42] <Dark> Now I'm pissed off
[09:55:44] <Dark> It's like
[09:55:46] <Dark> THE FUCK
[09:55:48] <Lars> They just evacuated the white house
[09:55:53] <Dark> You got a problem, you talk to me
[09:56:08] <Dark> You don't fucking kill my family and friends
[09:56:17] <Dark> This ain't terrorism
[09:56:21] <Dark> This is drunk redneck shit
[09:56:33] <Dark> This is a fucking barfight
[09:56:47] <Dark> A *dirty* bar fight

Why stay in college? Why go to night school? Gonna be different this time.

My mom was going to go to California tomorrow.

And I was so uncharacteristically shaken when that bird hit that glass skyscraper. All I could say was "Oh. My. God." Over and over. Maybe I am precognizant.

And yet... I'm remembering yesterday's story. At LEAST they didn't hit the Empire State Building. That's a piece of history. *shrug*

Emotional shut down? "Maybe."

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