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Y'know, I'm not into predicting the future...

If the first plane was red near the cockpit...

The building that the bird in my dream crashed into WAS a skyscraper. I was wondering why my dorm was downtown...

Bird with red crest smashing into skyscraper...


Geez... it's kinda spooky. I am going to chalk it up to coincidence. Besides, what good is knowing the future 20 mins ahead of time when it's something like a plane?

Kinda gives creedence to the whole 'precognizance about getting on doomed airplanes' thing that Stephen King wrote about in the Stand.

Conspiracy thingie: I wonder if the President knew about this. Someone asked him if he knew and he declined to comment. He was awful quick to call it a terrorist attack. I mean, so was I, but I'm not speaking for anyone but me. He promised swift vengeance... this could be a CLEVER RUSE to resucitate the war industry.


Looking at the 2nd plane footage, it was swooping IN to the tower. If it had gone straight, it would have missed. And one of the planes was from Boston. They impacted on the SOUTH SIDE. So... yeah. Terrorists. Whoo!

Why can't we all just get the FUCK along? If something's going down, TELL us about it. Don't go killin people. Unless it's for the good of the ECONOMY! YEEEE-HAW!

Bridge is closed. I think I can still take out books without my library card, though.

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