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I had a dream.

There was a fire drill. Everyone in the dorm filed out into the street, carrying whatever they had with them. Mikey, a likeable athletic guy had a bat and some balls. To keep everyone amused, he was having a li'l solo home run derby. He did a good job of not hitting any buildings or anything, for the most part. But then he hit a low-flying cardinal and it fell and crashed into a window on a nearby building, then bounced off and landed.

"Geez, Mike! You could have killed it! And how often do you see cardinals this far north?" N@ screamed.

Mikey felt kinda ashamed, but then the cardinal got up and shook off the cobwebs. It strutted over to the students and looked up at N@. N@ didn't look at it, not wanting to make a challenging eye contact. Or was that dogs?

Whatever it was, the bird didn't like it, because it started to scratch and claw at N@. He grabbed the bat and beat the bird unconscious.

Everyone stared at him, shocked. "What happened to not hurting the cardinal?"

Catching his breath, N@ said, "Yeah, but that was just being an asshole."

Okay so maybe I didn't dream the actual attack because my alarm woke me up, but I knew what was coming. Extract morals if you dare.

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