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aldrich42: I love that SK album
Vedkar: <3
aldrich42: whoa, that's a heart!
Vedkar: Yes
Vedkar: I *heart* it
aldrich42: indeed
Vedkar: VINYL
Vedkar: That's like
aldrich42: dude, you're hardcore
Vedkar: 10, 15 pts. of indie cred straight up
Vedkar: :-D
aldrich42: vinyl is cool and all, but if I can't listen to it in my car, I can do without.
aldrich42: then again, I'm not that indie
Vedkar: Ha ha ha
Vedkar: You make tapes
Vedkar: But yeah
aldrich42: er, dude, no
Vedkar: I want the CDs
Vedkar: But it was like
Vedkar: hmm
aldrich42: cassettes have no place in my music
Vedkar: 9.99 for the CD
Vedkar: or
Vedkar: I could get the LP and be cool for the same price
aldrich42: oh man
aldrich42: buying cool.
Vedkar: I wouldn't be a poser if I hadn't gone for the vinyl
aldrich42: indeed
Vedkar: Seriously
Vedkar: When I opened the sleeve on the train, there was a little pouch of indie fairy dust inside
Vedkar: I sprinkled it on myself
Vedkar: Now I have street cred
Vedkar: :-D
aldrich42: can you not buy new jeans now?
Vedkar: =-O
Vedkar: I didn't think of that!
Vedkar: I hadn't tried!
aldrich42: dude, you are fux0red
Vedkar: oh shit
aldrich42: yup

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