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My mommy picked me up in Fairview and we got the old keyboard out of storage.

The problem? The backspace button is the size of a normal key, instead of two keys... and I backspace a LOT. :\

Whoo! I am a hot and sexy piece of man (when I dress up)! Some hootchie mamma all of sixteen or seventeen (but with a nice bawdy!) caught me checking her out, and she checked back. Whee! Smiles rock me world.

OH MY GOD!!! Tien just attacked Cel on Dragonball Z and Goku said: "What's going on? We had a plan. HE'S NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE THERE!"

I am laughing my fucking ass off.

So I am playing bankpong... getting bounced around to different branches and shit.... OY GEVALT are my feet killing me. And I missed Dragonball today. :\ (non-Z)

I LEFT MY LIBRARY CARD IN NYC! Grr... and I have a sudden urge to borrow Stranger in a Strange Land (the Police's "Friends" getting stuck in my head has something to do with it) and Brave New World. I'd always just planned to read them at the same time. Now I want to.

Pizza's here! Gonna eat!

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