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Things left behind

I am in the mood for Trainspotting...

I left my damn tapes in New York City, or I could watch it AND the director's commentary version.

I'm in a good and lovey mood. Let's see how long THAT lasts.

Probably till my mom steals her keyboard back. :\

If I had my own car I could get the old one out of storage AND go to the city and pick up my tapes.

I'd walk, but I've already done too many miles in dress shoes today and I still have another interview at the damn bank. I am gonna get one of these bank jobs. Some of these places are desperate. One of them wanted me to start today, except not really cause the manager wasn't even there to hire me. But they need SOMEONE.

Everybody needs someone. The bank that I want to work at wants to get someone from another branch so they don't have to train but then she will be forced to move around between branches all the time. They could just hire me and make me their bitch (as long as I'm making enough to get back to school in a year; less than a year now, since they've been jerking me around for weeks). I am in a runon mood today so SUFFAR.

Gotta take a cab now (wasting MORE of my mom's money) cause my feet are killing me and I don't feel like walking for 45 min uphill and then another back down for a job that I probably won't get anyway (they didn't sound too optimistic about me). I am a miserable LEECH. I want a damn job so I can pay my own way. Then when I whine, I will be able to whine like an American taxpayer, and not an American Freeloader on WELFARE. Either way is really the American way, though.

And for Race on the Equal Opportunity part of the application I filled out today, I put AMERICAN. Cause I am. I'm not patriotic, but it beats saying I'm a particular color. Assholes. I'm not usually offended, but I'm getting tired of racial consciousness. This is one problem that will not go away until people ignore it... COMPLETELY.

So whoooop.

I write a lot for someone who doesn't say much.


Si tu quieres destruir mi sueter... hold this thread cuando camino detras or something cause mi espanol esta muy rusty

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