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An idiot's holiest act

on top of the world
and my position is
Livid I am
on top of the world
and my position is

Wow, Brett Somers was only 46 on the Match Game '73. Now I don't feel SO bad for having a crush on her. Uh, but like, back then. Cause like, now she's old... er.

What can I say, though? In all honesty, I really like a woman with a sense of humor. It's up near the top of the list.

Ooh, Press Your Luck is on now. That's another one. I'm not big on any of that racial breeding shit; being a mutt myself, but there's something to be said for common experiences. I like a woman who's going to catch that Simpsons' reference, or who's seen that crappy movie. What do you expect, when I frequent sites like this one (or used to). I make a lot though, so catching one in five's pretty good. I don't even count music references except as a bonus. Like all the Jawbox embedded in this post. Or the unhilighted interests in my profile. And don't even get me started on the girls of namethattune. =D

So yeah, I'm a big music geek. Even worse; I'm a music geek wannabe. Speaking of which, I need Green-eyed Lady on mp3. (What did I tell you about me and the AMG?)

ACK OMG WHAT THE EHLLETRET@#%@# These new Jell-o commercials are freaking me out. Hello, butterfly, I am going to EAT YOU!!@$!~ ARR UMM NUMM NUMM~!11!!

"Forward and over and over and back. Feels like an idiot's holiest act."

I like to ramble occasionally, and that's what I'm doing here.

Back to women, since they're the only thing I like more than music ("You know your voice is a love song" anyway; the line blurs). So far we have the sense of humor; both making me laugh and getting my jokes. We have an appreciation for pop culture. Music. Then there's affection; she's gotta be snuggly, and appreciative.

Gotta make a side note here. I've been thinking about the whole "poise" thing and I'm not sure where I stand. There are some traits that are mutually exclusive that I like. I like take-charge women, and I also like dorky chicks (a la the Princess Diaries *wink*). They're not ENTIRELY exclusive, of course.

Side note again: Somnic Inertia - Staying up all night and then not feeling like sleeping, or sleeping in all weekend and then still feeling tired. Well, I have an apetitic inertia. I'm never hungry till I eat. :\

So like, I like contradicting things in women. But as long as one or the other is there, I don't mind. In the end, it comes down to the fact that I'm not really picky, but then again, I am. When I look back and analyze, my choice in women seems pretty haphazard and random, but then, it's not like I go ga-ga for anything with two X chromosomes. I'm picky... at random?

Meh, whatever. No one's still reading this, anyway. :D

One odd thing; I had a dream last night, and I was Patrick Dempsey from Loverboy, as seen in my icon.

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