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Dark: After Dark is Big. So is Canadian Music.

Tonight I saw Charlie's Angels. It consisted of me rolling out of bed, realizing I had missed EVERYTHiNG I had planned today, and picking up the phone.


She's going to Charlie's Angels at 7, and would I like to join her?


I had to think, of course, my brain having just started rolling and the only thought in my head being "RADIOSHIFTRADIOSHIFTonightRADI" so I had to think and make sure I could make it. Then I accepted.

No one told me it was supposed to be a comedy! Quelle funny. From my acting experience, I think the entire tone of the movie (for me) was set by Vivian Wood's (Kelly Lynch) single glance at the muffin embedded in the door. An action movie wouldn't have bothered or even known to give a minor comedic direction like that.

I couldn't tell where I recognized the Creepy Thin Guy from. Damned if it ain't George McFly from Back to the Future!

My radio shift kicked some emmettious ass. Yes, that means I shifucked the Arnsbarger. Go me. I sent a request out to Nemo, and I got a dedication to me from Becca. She said I could play anything (she doesn't know 'my music') so I played something cool I found, I Mother Earth's "Rain Will Fall." What can I say? I'm on a kick. Got to play Geddy Lee's new song, My Favorite Headache, off the album of the same name (I have the single). The rest of the album sounds damn good! Maybe I'll get it for Christmas. :D

Not a bad day, considering Becca treated me to State St. Diner, because I HAVE TO EAT. Or so she keeps saying. I have no problem with eating once every day or two. She has problems with it, though. *sigh*

Nice to be cared about!

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