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Bradley's leg healed badly; at least he still can walk.

[01:02:44] <Dark> and
[01:02:45] <Dark> my
[01:02:47] <Dark> friends
[01:02:48] <Dark> list
[01:02:51] <Dark> continues to
[01:02:54] <Dark> shriiiiiink
[01:03:06] <Dark> I think it was the last post that did it
[01:03:12] <Lars> Son we think we know what your problem is
[01:03:25] <Lars> You need to reach out more to your hispanic audience
[01:03:33] <Lars> there is an untapped demographic out there
[01:03:45] <Lars> You next post should include lots of mentions of rice and beans
[01:04:24] <Dark> 10-4
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