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In which I discover many things.

My dad visited today. He's going down to Rutgers with my brother tomorrow. My little bro is starting college *proud*. One thing that seeing parents does to me nowadays is remind me just how old I'm not (ugly sentence). My mom fell today, and her shoulder was already hurting too much for her to do lifting. Time is passing



o l d e r . . .

I worry about things slipping away. I'm depressive; forgive me. I longed for Becca for about three years, and now she's a part of my past. But hey, I'm not miserable; I'm so happy I get to see her.

Honestly, I feel great, despite the somber mood of this entry. I've spent a good part of the day talking to three girls who matter a lot to me (I'll have to grab another later on).

I went to the bank; no word yet from the main office. I played some FF Mystic Quest today (the ROM; I don't have my SNES back yet) and that passed some time. I hand froed some Marvel Comix trading cards. When I get my scanner hooked up, I'll scan them in.

Someone call me/e-mail me on what the plans for Saturday are. I need to know for sure, so I can tell Becca. Thanks.

Naked Gun's on. I'm gonna watch it. Maybe post a bit as the night goes on....

Thanks to all who are still reading my journal; still hangin on despite the decline in quality. Thanks.

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