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Today? Short version: No work (lady couldn't get her car to meet me there) --> Tooled around Cliffside Park and Fairview listening to my headphones, hit my old record shop, chatted with the owner, picked up Pearl Jam's Vs. for $3. So, now I own two Pearl Jam albums; no more whining about having more Harvey Danger or Collective Soul than Pearl Jam. Go me.

I clocked the walk from one of my potential places of employment: 40 min, downhill. I don't pH3j34r the uphill climb; it's familiar territory and I'm young, even though I don't relish walking for 45 min uphill at a stretch every single day.

I have an interview for a bank; my bank, on Monday. It's either two blocks away or 40 min (one of the places from which I clocked the walk), as there are two branches in DESPERATE need of tellers. I have my fingers crossed, and so should you. Please? A bank, right now, sounds like my best bet at keeping my head above water. We'll see soon enough. And a four minute commute makes my heart sing. (I can skip downhill and be there in under a minute, I bet). Plus, it's MY bank, so I can direct deposit my paycheck. And I'll get to know about all the CDs and investment plans we have. I'm notoriously bad with money (eh, lis?), so this looks like a good chance to learn to keep my duckies in a row.


I can't see why they wouldn't hire me; they know me there and everything. Just gotta get up at 8AM Monday. I'd love to walk out of there with a job. Man, that would feel so good. I'm sorry to be worrying you all like I have; but it's hard to find self-worth when the only woman who ever claimed to really love you for you was lying. It makes finding truth in yourself hard. Or easy.

Albums of the day:
  • AtDi - Relationship of Command
  • Pearl Jam - Versus
  • Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory (very apropos, but I won't get into allegations)

    Song of the day? Pearl Jam - Rearview Mirror.

    I did a lot of thinking today... and I killed a lot of things in my mind. But I still want to talk to Michelle.

    And I really want to bore you all with my savior complex bullshit. Maybe later.

    Also- Talked the record store dude and he gave me one of the "Oh God Just Make It Go Away" bin CDs... that "Verbow" band I see everywhere. I'm afraid to listen to it. It was kinda cool, though. Felt like an RPG. Talk to the dude, get quest item. TO BE A MASTER, INDIE ROCK MASTER!

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