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Weight watcherZ

Vedkar: I gave up eating for New Years
Vedkar: actually
Vedkar: hang on
Vedkar: I am probably down to 175 lbs
jprich69: how tall are you
Vedkar: 6'
Vedkar: Heh... 5' 12"
Vedkar: I don't think I ever actually passed 11 and 31/32 inches
Vedkar: Pissed me off to all hell
Vedkar: cause I was like
Vedkar: 5-11 and 1/4
Vedkar: then 3/4
Vedkar: then like 7/8
jprich69: what ever man you are 6...i dont do all those halfs and quarters and stuff
Vedkar: So I just fucking say 6
Vedkar: Like how I'm too old for 1/2 birthdays
jprich69: BAYsicly
Vedkar: Shit, dude
Vedkar: My mom has a digital scale
Vedkar: past two days I have lost 5 lbs
jprich69: why are you trying to loose weight?
you dont look big in your pictures
Vedkar: I am
jprich69: sheit
Vedkar: I have a gut
Vedkar: I'm broad shouldered, but my build is still kinda lanky
Vedkar: I am NOT trying to drop that much weight though
Vedkar: 160 or less would be dangerous
Vedkar: That's depression weight loss
Vedkar: But
Vedkar: At least I am not eating to drown my sorrow
Vedkar: I almost look pretty good
Vedkar: Now, I don't want to get GAUNT
Vedkar: Cause chicks will be like
Vedkar: Girls like me a little chunky
jprich69: well forget you man
im 6 ft and 160 =p
with broad shoulders and i dont look unhealthy you punk =p
Vedkar: Ha ha ha

Vedkar: You're probably in good shape though
Vedkar: I'm not
jprich69: Sheit.....if anyhting im out of shape as much as my body gives me problems
Vedkar: Okay, well I will settle then for saying that everyone I've talked to says I shouldn't drop much more weight
Vedkar: Man, I didn't think it would come off like that
jprich69: mmmhmmmm...there you go
Vedkar: I've seen other friends lose lots of weight over a summer or something
Vedkar: But like
Vedkar: I'm looking at me and saying... where did 30lbs go?
Vedkar: I can't see it
jprich69: its always like that
Vedkar: Yep
Vedkar: But expecting it doesn't change things
Vedkar: But my pants are falling off me
jprich69: really
Vedkar: Yeah
Vedkar: Heh
Vedkar: I look like a thug
jprich69: SILKY!
Vedkar: my unnerwear is always stickin out
Vedkar: =D
jprich69: actually...Silky would probably have a chasmere suit on or something
you need a name for this new thug persona
Vedkar: Ha ha ha
Vedkar: Dude
Vedkar: You don't know?
Vedkar: ....
Vedkar: Jesus Shakwon
jprich69: Big O, Debo, Smokey
jprich69: LMFAO
Vedkar: It has always been
Vedkar: Hang on
jprich69: k
Vedkar: lemme see if I have the pics
jprich69: oh lord
Vedkar: =D
jprich69: So where is the Jesus Shakwon user icon???
Vedkar: This goes back to Valentine's Day
Vedkar: But I have been Jesus Shakwon for ages
jprich69: im getting xboxes????
Vedkar: You are?
Vedkar: Dammit
Vedkar: Geocities
Vedkar wants to directly connect.
jprich69 cancels request; no connection was made.
jprich69: im on a firewall
jprich69: that aint happening
Vedkar: oh oh oh
Vedkar: Damn
jprich69: one sec let me do the GeoShitties trick
Vedkar: Yeah
jprich69: IKTADL
jprich69: an angel with a baseball bat LMAO
Vedkar: Yeah
Vedkar: IKTADL?
Vedkar: Dude
Vedkar: Check out the third one
Vedkar: That's the best
Vedkar: Cause it LOOKS like me
jprich69: one sec
Vedkar: I mean, check my homepage... and look at the larger version of my pic
jprich69: k give me a sec i have es stupido on the telephono
Vedkar: ha ha ha ok
Vedkar: The one with out the hat is rajagaj in the comments
jprich69: w/o the hat huh?
Vedkar: Yeah
jprich69: who is rajagaj???
the chick from atl?
Vedkar: No no no
Vedkar: Dude
Vedkar: That post is mad old
jprich69: oh ok..........*is still lost*
Vedkar: She's a friend from school
jprich69: i know you are working for Miss Cleo now
jprich69: oh ok
Vedkar: LewK at the comments on the Jesus Shakwon post
Vedkar: They was my h0s back in tha day
jprich69: LMAO

jprich69: back in the day!?!?!?!
the hell!!?!?!?!?!
you giving up on the game man!!??!?!
Vedkar: No no no
Vedkar: But like
Vedkar: When I was at skewl
Vedkar: Now I need some new h0s
jprich69: can all ways pull more at school ...more womenz around
jprich69: you do....get back into the game
Vedkar: Ha ha ha
Vedkar: trying
jprich69: He's got Hos
In different area codes
Vedkar: Ha ha ha
Vedkar: Yeah, looks like I'm back in the game
Vedkar: Do you mind if I post this convo in my journal?
jprich69: no problem at all
Vedkar: The damn thing's been so depressing lately
Vedkar: It needs some lighthearted chummery
Vedkar: And just plain PIMPIN
jprich69: ive been there....come on down to the ATL so we can get some biscuits an gravy in you and find you some big arsed southern sweeties
Vedkar: WHOOO
Vedkar: I need me a woman with a cute lil drawl
jprich69: hell yeah
Vedkar: I grew up with the midwestern women
Vedkar: I need to get back to the whole southern hospitality thing
jprich69: i might know a few for you
Vedkar: Ha ha ha
Vedkar: Well...
Vedkar: My boy Joe is looking into moving down to FL to be with his woman
jprich69: of course a man of your calibur will require more than a few
Vedkar: GA is less far away from FL than Jersey
Vedkar: Ha ha ha ha
jprich69: true
Vedkar: I need to fill the stable
jprich69: exactly
Vedkar: Man
Vedkar: Welcome to the Dollhouse is on
Vedkar: That chick was made to play that role
Vedkar: Now she's all tryin to be grown up in the Princess Diaries
jprich69: you will be like whats his name in Enter the Dragon
Ill take you....and you....and you....and you....aaaaaand you
Vedkar: YES
Vedkar: YES
Vedkar: ha ha ha ha ha
Vedkar: HA HA HA HA HA
Vedkar: You have my permission to fro my superhero pics
Vedkar: And but that as the subtitle
jprich69: AWW HELL YEAH
jprich69: i have a mission tonight >=D
Vedkar: =D
Vedkar: DEWD
Vedkar: heeee
Vedkar: I'm gonna have to tool around with some fros
jprich69: AFRO PIMP
Vedkar: I'll take you... and you... and you
jprich69: I harness the power of Fros ...and I have a shotgun
jprich69: there you go
Vedkar: HA HA HA
Vedkar: Women, kneel before me
jprich69: You are the ChoJin
Vedkar: *boing*
jprich69: LMAO
Vedkar: ChoJin?
jprich69: you have never seen Urotsukidojo/Legend of the Overfiend!?!?!?!
Vedkar: NO!
Vedkar: DUDE
Vedkar: I have a mission now
jprich69: yes you do Im disappointed =(
Vedkar: ell oh ell
jprich69: WTF!?!??!!??
thats ......interesting
Vedkar: The comment
Vedkar: Peter Buck from REM
Vedkar: :-D
Vedkar: HA HA HA
Vedkar: OMG
jprich69: ARRRRRGGGHHH puntos !!!!
Why do you call me !!!!
one sec
jprich69: sorry
Vedkar: It's cool
Vedkar: HA HA HA
jprich69: dayum....they even have Howln Mad Murdock
Vedkar: Yes
jprich69: one day my too will be in that community
Vedkar: ha ha ha
Vedkar: It's closed
Vedkar: But we shall see
Vedkar: There are a lot of protect entries in there
jprich69: when you name is in lights then they will be begging for you and your stable
Vedkar: Friend's only
Vedkar: Ha ha ha
jprich69: ahhh
Vedkar: SILKY
Vedkar: SILKY
Vedkar: I am trying to surf the comments pages
Vedkar: and every other one is locked
jprich69: will be like the old days when Michael Jackson used to go to other countrys and the little girls used to crya nd pass out
Vedkar: Yes
Vedkar: People will associate me with religious experiences
Vedkar: And not just the way that I make women see dead relatives in bed
jprich69: exaclty....seing images of Silky in their bean curd pie
Vedkar: ha ha ha
Vedkar: doin the virgin mary doggystyle
Vedkar: (going to HELL)
jprich69: yep....smacking that ass
Vedkar: ha ha ha ha ha
jprich69: hmmm...lets going to assume that you are not biased for your flavors
Vedkar: Not really
jprich69: off the top of my head I know a few chocolate and a few vanilla
Vedkar: as long as she likes rock and roll and the Picture pages
jprich69: picture pages?
Vedkar: I'm a sucker for a girl who likes my Mortimer Ichabod Marker
Vedkar: Hee hee
Vedkar: It used to be on Nickelodeon with Bill Cosby
jprich69: HELL YEAH
Vedkar: ha ha ha
Vedkar: Billiam posted about it not too long ago
jprich69: that and .......what was it...You cant do that on Televison
jprich69: that and that show with Dave Cooliay(sp?) where he would always say Cut...It.....Out!
Vedkar: Coolier
Vedkar: yeah
jprich69: werent you the one that reminded me about Secret of Mana
Vedkar: Out of Control?
jprich69: YEP!
Vedkar: Yes
jprich69: i was playing that last night
jprich69: forgot how funky it is
Vedkar: It r00lz
Vedkar: That
Vedkar: s the picture pages link
jprich69: one sec
jprich69: fat albert was a very unhealthy boy...i doubt he made it past 25
you ever hear southpark do fat albert?
Vedkar: Ha ha ha YES
jprich69: hey hey wherez my biatchez
Vedkar: Ha ha ha
Vedkar: I do an AWESOME fat Albert
jprich69: hard to find a place to deliver 1 frickn flower
Vedkar: That sucks
jprich69: baysiclly......
jprich69: the conversion rates kick my ass glad you are pimping here in the states man
jprich69: being international can drain your bank
Vedkar: YES
Vedkar: Even Canadjun h0s
Vedkar: I have done research

ehh that's enough
Suffice to say, I'm not ENTIRELY miserable, kids. Thanks to EVERYONE who's been there for me. Much love.

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