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Surprise, surprise. No call from Michelle.

Oh, well, there are no excuses this time. Michelle, when you get back online (go to the library after work or something!), I'll be around. I don't know that I'm gonna put up with this anymore, though, dear. Just because I will love you forever doesn't mean I can take too much.

I hope we can still be friends. If not, it makes me wonder what exactly it was that we had. :\

I hope so... I've told her, no matter what, I'd still love her. Heck, she could stab my mom and I would forgive her. I know she has her reasons. I just wish she would tell me what they are. I just need truth. There's nothing else I want more. Saying you will call me/wake up to talk to me/talk to me tomorrow and then not... that's not my idea of truth. And no, it's not just that.

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