The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Called Michelle.


My poor baby is sickie and tired, though. She couldn't sleep all night. :(


I figure 2 or 3 my mom's coming over for the clothes and whatever else I can convince her to take (I *really* need my LPs right now). 3 o'clock I will hopefully see Michelle for her lunch hour. 4, I disassemble computer/phone/stereo and 5 pm (1700 hrs) bring it across to NJ. Grammy's grumbly today, but that's over soon enough. She went ahead and cancelled her plans for today so she could move me when I told her not to. It doesn't matter to me; I get to have ZERO nights without my computer and she made her plans for tomorrow, so it's night like she's missing anything. I'm justified in not feeling guilty, right?

At least I have plans now. I love to plan. Plan plan plan. Execute? Who, me? No! Never. Plan plan plannity plan! My favorite song of all.

Go back through my calendar and look at the days with the most entries. Bet they're near dates when I was moving one place or another. You can tell by the lack of posts for the next few days while I got set up. So bear with, today. I'll be quiet for a while afterwards. Miss me?

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