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Sayonara, cable.

I just called the cable company to cancel my cable modem. Time's getting close to take the computer down, and still no Michelle. It's still reaaal early out there, though, for a Saturday. I'm just whiny and bitchy because I hate this constantly homeless feeling.

Dial-up is ass in a long-distance relationship, at least when you're used to being constantly available. I know; when I met Michelle it was Christmas break and I was home on RCN. We have two lines, but only one jack for the second line. So I dial in on the main line, which means restricted use. At least I won't rack up a $400 bill because no one told me we don't have unlimited local calling minutes. That's so whack that I even have to pay that. It's like, oh, by the way, we decided to marinate your steak in a really expensive wine so your check is going to be a little more than you expected. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Yeah, my grandma just showed me my "bill". "By the way". Hell with that. If it weren't for the phone, I'd be paid up until but not including this month.

I'm going home now to live under an entirely different oppressive regime. I don't want to. I don't want to do anything. I feel like a stubborn spoiled child. Then why don't I feel like I shouldn't be acting like this?

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