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In which we lay plans

13:26:21] <[^_^]> <(-_-)>
[13:26:37] <[^_^]> I need to make a Kirby swallowing thingy
[13:26:43] <[baka]> hehe
[13:26:49] <[^_^]> So it can look like I am swallowing other chatters
[13:26:50] <[Baka]> (:)
[13:26:57] <birdh0use> |-_-|
[13:27:00] <[^_^]> Andthen I can steal their powers
[13:27:05] <birdh0use> seen |-_-|
[13:27:06] <Lincoln> I don't know who |-_-| is.
[13:27:07] <[Baka]> hehe
[13:27:11] <[^_^]> (:<
[13:27:17] <[^_^]> OLD MAN SLEEPING
[13:27:26] <[^_^]> He's all like
[13:27:41] <[Baka]> AHAHAHAHHH
[13:27:45] <[^_^]> =D
[13:27:47] <birdh0use> hehe
[13:27:57] <[^_^]> That's WILLY time
[13:28:08] <[^_^]> Dude
[13:28:12] <[^_^]> I aspire to be that dude
[13:28:17] <[^_^]> Man
[13:28:28] <[^_^]> If we got an apartment, we'd have to go to NYC on the weekend
[13:28:34] <[^_^]> I'd be all like
[13:28:51] <[Baka]> heheh
[13:28:58] <[^_^]> And then whatever we won, you could dress up like a moblin and give it to homeless people
[13:28:59] <[Baka]> I could get a white beard and a red robe
[13:29:05] <[^_^]> SHH! It's a secret to everybody!
[13:29:12] <[Baka]> ITS A SECRET TO EVERYONE!
[13:29:16] <[^_^]> I always say that when I give to the homeless
[13:29:25] <[Baka]> Me too :P
[13:29:32] <[Baka]> Hahahahahh
[13:29:33] <[^_^]> hee hee
[13:29:34] <[Baka]> Oh man
[13:29:38] <[Baka]> that's great

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