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Excellent dreams last night.

Very cool. Quite vivid. I remember a lot of paperwork (I'm always losing stuff in my dreams; important documents that will help me get back into school). Last night they made me reapply to get in... the whole application process. It wasn't a bad dream, though, because I really just want it all to do over, as per the "What If?" entry of yesterday. Oh, look, I decided to link it in case you missed it. How thoughtful!

I went outside and walked till I got to a bridge/culvert/overpass thing, which was basically a secluded untrafficked area under a highway designed to act as a stage for combat. There was even a railing overlooking the irrigation culvert thing. So LA. Hmm... I *could* listen to the Motels, but not right now. I will settle for singing "It's Oh! So! L.A." To myself. :)

There was supposed to be a fight; I was in the mood for brakhage and violents. Indeed, there was a large Taye Diggs/Tyson Bedford lookin mofo there ready for me, but instead a ton of online friends showed up. Interesting, given the context. Yesterday I said to chrissmari: "Everyone is so nice to me. But when you're spread out so far, it's hard to feel close." Well, okay. You all showed up in the one place where distance isn't a factor; the psyche. I especially remember Anne and Jason being there; they are two really amazing people that I want to just hang out with. I know Chrissy was there, and a few of you other people. Probably Tamara... and... wait, I already made a list like this last week. I'm not linking everyone again. We talked for awhile, and I said some really heartfelt stuff, while my large negroid friend waited in the background, not really menacing. He was like, "Yeah, this is what you came here to do. You don't need to wrestle your demons. Kill them with love." I also got the sense from all of my soul-spilling that I'm not telling you guys how much I appreciate you enough. I know I've been in a pretty sequestered mode of late. Forgive me? *hugs*

Now isn't that special? What's really special is another dream I had. It was just me and her, laying next to one another, staring at each other's face. I wasn't going to post this and just tell her to keep it special in between us, but then I decided it was so beautiful that I wanted to keep it in my journal forever. And I already e-mailed it to her this morning, so she should know about it first. You all will forget that my dreams are sweet and loving anyway and go back to thinking I am King Perv in a few minutes anyway, but we will treasure the memory until I do something wrong and she burns me in fire because I am stupid. Yay!

Hands up, everyone who liked this post! ::raises his hand::

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