The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

#conversatron today (Poor Psyli)

More BoxLore:
<Psyli> It should be a sin to wake up at 5am!
<ImperfectDark> It is, in my religion.
* ImperfectDark worships Boxlor.
<ImperfectDark> Fucking Jesus.
<ImperfectDark> Thinks he's so Big.
<ImperfectDark> He's not Big.
<ImperfectDark> Boxlor is Big.
<ImperfectDark> tee hee
<ImperfectDark> This is a great philosophy!

<Psyli> Anyone watch Dune last night?
<ImperfectDark> Not last night.
<ImperfectDark> No one in the whole country tuned in for a second time.
<ImperfectDark> America may be dumb, but we're not THAT dumb.

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