The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good


You have violated the rules of the game, my friend. Am I supposed to pretend I don't exist? I don't know. You've claimed that you want to remain friends, but your failure to relent has shown otherwise. How could you ask her to throw me out onto the street?

I do not hate the player. I hate the game. But you have violated even player code in attempting to steal another person's woman. It's not a matter of possession; I wouldn't for a second lay claim to Michelle if she told me she didn't want me. But to interfere in another couple's relationship? James Blondin, you are without honor.

I have withstood your constant affections towards my girlfriend; my LOVE— for several months in the vain hope that you would AT LEAST have the courtesy to let us have our chance and hold your affections until our love has run its course, if it ever does. But you have not, in a manner most unseemly and offensive to me, someone who clung blindly to the hope that you might still be a friend. I treasured your friendship, Jamie, even though we were never extremely close. But I have to let you know, you've gone too far. I am tiring of trying to be understanding. I am no high-water mark; indeed, I'm a bitter, jealous, angry little boy, but you will not even afford me the space and time I would afford you were our roles reversed. This borders on unforgiveable.

I'm done ranting.

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