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An expansion on yielded queries.

Where am I now? I am in Washington Heights, living with my grandmother. It's nice, and it's not living at home with my mom and my brother. But after August 31, I will not have to live with my mom and my brother. My brother is going off to college, so it will be just my mom and I, which is more manageable. My mother is also more capable and will be better at keeping me motivated and helping me sort out bills.

So I'll be moving back to Edgewater (the city listed on my site). which is next to Fort Lee/Cliffside Park. Max, I will actually be closer to you (although I can no longer just hop the A/1/9 to get to your place). But I always love a party, and if you are looking for an excuse, party away! But no, you should see me again. You and Chris especially among the crowd of Dave's friends are really cool, and I look forward to hanging out with you guys.

Now my problem is getting a car. But Dark, you can't handle responsibility as is. Why do you want more? Because that's just the way I am. If at first you don't succeed, try it again at 10x earth's gravity (and then 100. Once you've sampled one hundred times earth's gravity, you must ALWAYS train in it). I am really a very sick an insidious type of workaholic (Dark, you a workaholic? Get over yourself!). But no, really, look at my recorrd. Working as many hours as they'd give me at my old job. If I'm not getting things done, it's because I have too much free time. It is very hard to sit down and play GTA for 4 hrs if you are only home to change in between your two jobs. If I am lazy, it is only because I have nothing to do (for some reason dishes or laundry don't seem to count until I have a job). When I'm working, I'm not lazy. I'm the most adroit (hate that word! It's so anti-lefty), aware, and informed employee in THA house. If any of the places I had worked had paid commission, I would have easily bankrupted them (funny thing is Caldor DID go bankrupt, right after I left).

All that said; the car. Oh, my. How else to get around New Jersey? I am much too nocturnal to rely on a bus system that stops at 11 in many places. How will I designated drive (as the teatotaller amongst friends who drink)? How will I get to work? The whole reason for a place in Manhattan was that I DIDN'T have a car and wanted access to a lot of jobs. Well, there AREN'T a lot of jobs in the city; not the ones that pay a kid with no connections decent money and get him a resume credential. There are a decent amount in New Jersey, but I need to drive to a lot of them. I am frankly tired of relying on other people when I need to go somewhere. It makes my life TERRIBLY INCONVENIENT. I still hold that one of the reasons I seldom get things done is that I can never do anything when *I* want to. Do I sound like my mom yet? Poor mom. :(

I will pay for my own car. But to get a car, I need to have a job. To get a job, I need a car. Sound circular? Well: to get a GOOD job I need to go back to school. To go back to school, I need money. I get money, I need a job. To get a job, I need a car.

This is my hell.

I've had this song for awhile. I think today I am going to download Perfect Circle songs from Their site is so cute. It says "Not 'A' Perfect Circle" at the top. Must've been a bummer that they started doing pretty well for themselves and then BAM! Billy and Maynard up and steal their name with a ready-made crowd of millions of screaming teenage fans. It makes me wonder, because a few people already have Disparity listed as an interest and I haven't even released any music yet. I hope no one else steals the band name (Worse than Pop is my side-project). I dunno. If nothing else, it probably increased their exposure. I certainly wouldn't have found them had I not been searching for APC. And now here I am telling you all to check them out.

Some things are for the best.

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