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Lucky bastard! Lucky lucky lucky bastard!

Today, I hung out with Katy and Joe. I haven't seen Katy since before I was working, and I haven't seen Joe since my birthday. I've missed them both dearly, and in my circle of long distance friends, missing was the theme. We spent many hours in fervent conversation, mentioning everyone we could think of. We talked about Alison so much it was like she was there! And I was, as usual (just ask Joe and Katy) going on and on about Michelle and my time in Sacramento (and San Francisco with TEH BOY). Glowing, positively glowing. Joe and Katy did their share of glowing... no matter how hard Katy sneers at me when I say it TEHY ARE SOOOOO CUYOOOT YES DEY ARE UH HUH SOOOO CUTE!!!

We mentioned all these other people we know and how much we'd like the conversatron should just post banner ads to subsidize moving us all to one place in the country. You were there, and you, and you too, and you and you together, as well as you two, and you, and you, and you and you and you and you, as well as you, not to mention you and you, and certainly not forgetting you guys. Even you were there briefly when we passed the Flatiron. Many people Katy and Joe don't know, but I love to share my friends.

And if I left you off the list, no it is not just because I forgot you or got tired of linking people. It is because I hate you bitterly.

Joe gave me birthday presents, even though I had none for his upcoming birthday (though I did let his girlfriend loose in Religious Sex). I got a follow-up to Flatland called Flatterland which looks REALLY REALLY cool. I love to read pseudoscience books and this comes from the man who bought me my copy of A Brief History of Time. He knows what I like. =D And he proved such with my other gift, a zipline clip pen. It's like those zipline keychains that maids in hotels have only instead of my keys, it has a pen on the end of it! Perfect for the madman who jots all the time. Plus I am simpleminded so I like just pulling the cord and watching it retract and go zip!

Joe is like my bestest friend in the universe (and Dawg First Class) for a reason.

This is forever.

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