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Anything you want... hundred dollar bills.

My sincerest thanks to those who replied to my question. I won't reply to you all individually; I don't want to make it seem like I'm challenging you on your self-opinion. But I did read and cherish every response. It's an invaluable way to get to know something about your friends, and I think it beats those obnoxious surveys everyone (myself included) is always filling out or those "personality tests" everyone (still including me) is always taking.

It's also an interesting look at myself. I could have just as easily asked: "If you were going to have children, what qualities would you like (not) to pass to that child?" But it's more mellow than how I used to put it: "Justify your existence." That one doesn't work too well at gunpoint, but you'd be surprised what people say.

I like asking questions that spark discussion. Half of what I do is to provoke controversy and discussion; I find it fascinating. I don't exactly want to turn this into truth or dare ("What's the worst thing you've ever done?") but I do like asking "different" questions, even if they sound a little too posed. And I thank you all for taking the time to answer them, and to share some of yourself with the rest of us. I also like getting comments not just because I am a comment whore, but re-reading the post as each comment comes in helps me remember it.

I had a really great question to ask, but I have forgotten it. I set out to write this post four hours ago, and a lot of stuff has happened in between. I came up with the question this morning after reading all your wonderful comments, but it sparkled only briefly before pulling a fade. :(

Instead, an "odd" (aren't they all? Isn't that the point?) question that few will answer, I'm sure: If you could be me for a day (24hrs), would you? Why/not?

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