September 28th, 2011

I Want More LIFE!

I sing the improv electric

So I haven't been doing a great job of keeping this journal up to date, but I'm doing improv at the Magnet Theater in NYC now. Well, taking classes. And I've now attended a few musical mixers. Magnet mixers, btw, are basically an open-mic improv where you do a 2 (sometimes 3) person scene with someone that you've quite possibly never met before. The musical mixers take that to the next level. You do a short scene, then break into song with your partner or partners. There's a wonderful man there, Frank Spitznagel (no, really), who is our Richard Vranch. It's every bit as fun but less hokey than Whose Line...?

And... I kinda think I'm in love. I mean, it's just freestylin', right? So the first time I got up to do it, I did the scene just fine. The prompt was for an occupation, and two different people yelled "custodian" and "sales" so we did custodial supplies sales. My partner started out by apologizing for not selling anything today. So I ran with it. First time was a verbal warning, because I liked the kid's mother. 2nd time, I had to write him up. 3rd time? You guessed it: I get to bang his mom. So that's what the song was about. And at first I was sure when it came time to sing, I'd just go blank. But I opened my mouth and out came some words! And they rhymed (which some of the folks on the teams right now don't do all the time)! So I did it, and I even rhymed "second base" with "cumming on her face." And, just as my classmate told me beforehand when I was debating whether or not to sign up to perform, afterwards, I felt like I could do anything. It's just so electric.

Last night, I got to sing with the hostess of the mixer, Trudy Carmichael. Trudy's a character, played by a lovely lady named Robin, who is your quintessential Vegas diva whose star is on the fade. But of course everyone loves her; we're all Trudy's babies. The other person who puts the mixer together with Robin, a great (and very funny fellow who goes by TJ), put me up to sing with the lady herself (since he does the roster while she's hosting). I swear I didn't know who he was the first time I began complimenting him profusely. So that's not kissing up to curry favor, right? Knowing how I'd fawned over Trudy last time (it's ok, she's just a character, right?) he was totally sweet to set me up for a love song with her. Our suggestion was "skyscraper" and "money," so I started off by talking about dropping pennies on people below. Trudy thanked me for having her up on "my" observation deck ("the whole thing's yours?" "uh, sure"). And of course I professed my love for her, which she returned on condition that I "remove [my] mask" lolz. I love that she threw that detail in there, because suddenly things got very Phantom-y (in a good way), with a touch of Beauty and the Beast (complete with musical touches from the Maestro). And during the big finish, I finally pulled off the mask. "Oh, that's not so bad." =D

After both performances, people came up to me (like, regulars who are on teams already) to praise my performance. It's a huge confidence-builder. So now I have to take a musical improv class, and then try out for a team. Until then, I'll be at as many mixers as I can make.