July 6th, 2010


Hit the skins

Tonight, despite the heat, I hooked my drums up to my dad's old tuner and whaled on them for a bit.

I picked up the necessary cables at RadioShack last night. Tonight, I was sweating (well after sundown) just plugging things in.

I need a workout playlist (or several). Something with a warmup and cooldown. Shuffle is fun, but it's eclectic. It feels like I spend more time hitting "next" than playing. Though I do kind of like just playing random shit for an unspecified amount of time. Part of the fun is figuring out the drum line in any given song.

Good drumming songs so far:
+ Stevie Wonder - Part Time Lover
+ Shiner - Brooks
+ Soul Coughing - Idiot Kings
(all S's so far, but I swear it was on random)
+ Folk Implosion - Natural One
+ The Move - Do Ya
Oh, and probably stuff by Local H, but that didn't come up on random today.

Right now, I'm all about easy drum lines and catchy beats. It's more of an exercise thing than a skills thing, but I'm learning all the same. =D

Mmm... 90 minute workout in 90º heat with 90% humidity, followed by ice cold shower? It is joy.

Ok, sleepies now.