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Monday, March 22nd, 2010
15.54 - Healthcare follies
waraw: something struck me today
waraw: newt gingrich is not a stupid man
waraw: today he opined that passing healthcare will have the same effect on the dems that passing civil rights did in the 1960's
waraw: ... is he truly arguing that passing the civil rights laws was a BAD thing??
Eideteker: For rich white males, I suppose
Eideteker: I mean, they lost all their money and power in the following years
Eideteker: hell, a scant 40 years later and they lost even the presidency
bp: so in 2050 we might be able to elect a sick guy to the highest office in the land
bp: o wait FDR polio nvm
Eideteker: heh
Eideteker: He kept his polio a secret
Eideteker: He was our first sitting president lol

So you are now forced, by law, to buy health insurance? But pre-existing conditions cannot disqualify you (or affect your premiums)? Hooray? Let's create a single-payer system already, and make that single payer Rupert Murdoch. Because the only complaint about healing the sick and poor (a la Jesus, remember him? He's the "Christ" in Christianity) is that it will raise taxes, right? So just raise one man's taxes.

Can I make my own startup selling the Null-insurance option? You pay me $10, I say you have insurance and decline all payments. So you are liable for all costs (like you had no insurance) but at a lower negotiated rate?

Isn't this basically what we have now, but without the lower rate? =D

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