March 20th, 2010

I Want More LIFE!

More water

What a fun day I had! Follow-up to this.

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The low point of the day was being stopped by a cop. I said some innocuous pleasantry as I pulled up to him, and he replied with, "License and registration, please." A motorcycle cop, to a guy on a motorcycle. What's this world coming to? "Didn't you see the ROAD CLOSED sign?" Yeah, but I thought that was only for through traffic. I'm not through, I just want to take pictures. "It's not a tourist attraction." No duh. I wouldn't want pictures of it then, would I? Didn't say that, though. "Someone could have seen you come, and followed you." No, I checked. And yes, I'm OCD enough that I actually did. What is the fun of a closed road if you have to deal with other idiots?

So he calls my info in, while I walk down to look at the water. I finally convinced him to let me go down and take some pictures. Just as I'm coming back, a jeep comes down the road. WTF? Apparently he gets to go past and I don't, even on foot? So I said fuck it and walked across on the wooden railing on the side of the bridge. A couple who had been walking (I'd passed them earlier on my motorcycle) followed me. I started the second crossing and another lady came down the side street, and said "Someone's having fun!" That's about when I was taking the boot pic. So we four stood on our respective dry perches and had a bit of a chat when some idiots who also made it past the police checkpoint decided to try fording the deep water. One dude was in a ZipCar! Thank goodness we talked him into turning back. Also thankfully, none of the idiots who tried the crossing got stuck.

On my way back, the couple and I continued our conversation. I noticed the dude was wearing a Cornell hat, so I asked him if he was an alum and did he hear about the basketball game. Turns out he found the hat and kept it because as a tall person with reddish hair, he liked having a hat that said "Big Red" on the back. Well, alright. His lady companion wanted to ask me a zillion questions about flooded roads in the area, how to get to Whole Foods, and probably also about the migration patterns of seafaring birds of prey or something. She had a lot of questions. But I had a lot more water to find so I started back, and they followed me. On our way back, we ran into some bicyclists who had more questions for me. It seriously felt like one of those fables or parables or nursery rhymes or something where the travelers at the river crossing each have a bunch of questions for the ferryman. But he can't tell them what to do, only give them information. So eventually the cyclists decided to cross, and I'm like, who is letting all these people past? Did I break the cop with my niceness? As I started back up the hill towards my bike, I saw the bike cop AND a cruiser (did they need back up to handle me?) pulling out to leave in the opposite direction so again, I said "fuck it" (that makes three times in two days, for those keeping track) and got on my bike, and did some fording. Only this time instead of sticking my legs up in the air and going, "Wheeeeee!" I kept my feet on the pegs. My 'Stich was covered in water, but thankfully kept me dry. Also, my Sidi boots really do work. Ankle deep and beyond, and my feet were totally dry. How cool is that?

All this water distracted me from just how thirsty I was. I stopped at Verrill Farm to get something to drink and the cashier gave me my first "Do you ride a motorcycle?" of the year. At least she didn't say snowmobile.