March 1st, 2010

Wu-Tang Financial


Just got off the phone with the DUA. I've been calling them since last week in an attempt to report my F/T employment ending. And every time, I've gotten a "we're busy, your call is important, but we're gonna go ahead and hang up on you anyway rather than put you on hold."

I've got about $300 to live on until I get paid Friday-next. Which doesn't include the $160 I forgot to send for March's COBRA (I've been busy, gimme a break). I think I can still send the COBRA (there's a grace period IIRC), but that leaves me about $10 a day to live on. Not impossible, except there's no fridge at work, so I usually just buy $meal at the airport ($10 right there, ugh). Oh, and the tolls on the Pike getting to and from work. Taking backroads doubles or triples my commute time (but are doable, if I don't type too much today). The other expense is gas, which I need today but then guess I can stretch over 2 weeks.

Because, really, I don't spend a lot of money. I'd like to put a new battery in my motorcycle (saving me money on gas, because hey, it's March!) and maybe just MAYBE get a new seat for it as well. That's it right now. I just need food and rent money. I'm not a profligate spender. But thanks to those who always want more, I can't even afford the basics. I'm not saying everyone should make the same money regardless of what they do. I'm just saying everyone who's willing to work should be able to live, even if it's just barely scraping by. Food and shelter for all first, private jets second.

An LJ Day!

Hooray! Lots of people are updating livejournal today, giving me plenty of stuff to read! =D

Why does today feel like Tuesday? Oh right, because I worked 12 hours yesterday. Zzzz...