January 27th, 2010

L.J. Washington


This year, I've been sleeping without an alarm clock. I've also been taking more naps (the Spanish have the right idea with the 2-4pm siesta). This leads to better recall of my dreams, and more extended REM periods. And wow, have they been vivid. I'm also out of practice with lucid dreaming, because there have been just random things happening that I used to pick up on and go, "Oh, I'm dreaming."

This morning, I was working on my bike. I was traveling home from work, and to my dad's place outside Pittsburgh (!). I think it was an issue with my fuel line that had me stopping at a sort of roadside cafe. Since the bike was unreliable, I also suddenly had a car (!) that was parked next to it, and so then I got started on the logistics of moving both the bike and the car.

I went inside the cafe to wash up and get some food. That's when this girl came up to me and asked me if I sleep naked (!). Then two of her friends show up flanking her, and one of them repeats the question. The other one hands me a card and they tell me they're recruiters for a consulting company. Which, okay, whenever I get a job proposition out of the blue (via e-mail, not in-person), I immediately think: "SCAM." So I'm asking them questions. "Is it sales?" I asked them like three or four times. "Is it sales? because I hate sales, and I need a guaranteed base." Which is basically what I say in waking life as well. Finally, they admit that it is and I take their card and thank them for their time.

So I'm sitting there, planning my route to my dad's (remember I was going to my dad's?) and trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my car while I take my bike there. I had just resolved to move the car to an available parking spot facing the road so I could spot it easily on my way back when my phone rang. It was the girls from before (!), trying to get me in for an interview. I had to think about my community college course schedule (!) as far as availability. I figured it was the only way to get them off my back. Just then, a PSA came on the TVs above the counter at the cafe. It depicted guys getting into abusive relationships with overweight women. It was so simultaneously hilarious and offensive that I woke up.

So yeah, not really anything exciting, but I want to both get more into recalling my dreams and into writing, so I figured why not.