September 28th, 2009

I'm working on it

Things to do.

In no particular order, I need to:

1. Finish coding project (though bigmusic is strangely silent)
2. Get volta's bike ready for him to ride it home
3. Get car inspected (oh yeah, I have a car) and oil changed
4. Put COBRA check in the mail
5. Pick up dry cleaning
6. Get bike to Crash's place in Acton (somehow, despite lacking my left footpeg) at a mutually amenable time so we can fix it
7. Apply for more jobs, and contact Cornell's career counseling center for any possible assistance
8. Get Rich his plates back, pick up spare key
9. E-mail Dean at Cornell, tell him my grades are in and ask what if anything I need to do to graduate

As plodding and as much of a hair-pulling experience as it's been, I'm going to miss the coding project when it's done. I will definitely need to figure out how to get more little (i.e., low-stress) side projects for pay in the future. The puzzle-solving aspect is definitely my favorite part. Will also have to work my way into an open source project, one where I can do both coding and documentation. Also, like, do my own projects and junk.

To that end, I want to:
A. Set up Ubuntu on the Dell laptop
B. Re-do How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python since it looks like a new edition with better examples.

Oh, and I'm totally driving down to NYC this weekend. Ping me!
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