June 5th, 2009


MobilePost: The Death of Moments

I wonder if our mortality liberates us in a sense. As I deal with my own perfectionism, I struggle with learning to accept mistakes every day. Something Picard said in "The Bonding" made me think how intolerable things like mistakes, loss, and failures must be to someone not only forever condemned to remember them, but forever to experience them anew. Individual mistakes are weighty enough; who could bear more than a lifetime's?

In other news, on Monday I will schedule the surgery to unpinch my ulnar nerve. I will wait til after my birthday for the actual procedure. My arm will be in a sling for 10 days, and I won't be able to lift more than 5 lbs. with the arm for ~6 weeks. They are going to actually move the muscle over the nerve so it needs time to heal. Yikes, detaching and reattaching muscle.