June 2nd, 2009


Let there be LIGHT!

I now have light in my garage. When my halogen light burned out its third bulb in a year, milktree suggested I get some cheap fluorescent fixtures from Home Depot. So I did. With a little help from Becca, I got them mounted in my garage and now I don't have to rage, rage against the dying of the light when working on my vehicles. Yep, I can do maintenance after dark.

[00:45] Eideteker is watching Cocoon
[00:45] Eideteker: for the Wilford Brimley, mainly
[00:45] trondant: did Wilford Brimley have teh diabeetus back then?
[00:45] Eideteker: He has always had the diabeetus
[00:46] Eideteker: He is one with the force of diabeetus in the universe
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