November 8th, 2008

I Want More LIFE!

Puzzling Evidence

I finally saw John Carpenter's The Thing. It's one of the earliest examples I can think of involving a fractal organism; self-similar, self-replicating. I think Carpenter handled it pretty well. It wasn't quite a pure paranoia film, but nor was it a pure creature feature. I feel like it suffered some for it, but it was still overall a good rainy day flick. Since I know several of you on my friends list have seen it (vinz_klortho), I'm curious what your interpretation of the ending is (vinz_klortho). Childs asks MacReady if he was the only one that made it as if he's asking if he's the only one of them who made it. Them, the human vermin. Childs doesn't ask any questions to attempt to ascertain what MacReady is. The Dark Horse comics version, according to Wikipedia, continues the story as if Childs was a thing, and Carpenter has said he would like to adapt the comics if ever there's a sequel. It's hard for me to tell, though. The Sci-Fi channel version I watched feels like it was missing a scene after they test the blood with a wire. I never saw them test the other blood, nor did I see what happened to Childs after that scene. Wikipedia says they did test the blood, and Childs was left to watch over the base. I didn't see it.

Of course, the ending is all about how futile their paranoia is; in the end, there's nothing either could do about it if they did find out. Ah, Cold War. How science fiction misses you!

I had an odd dream last night. It was Quantum of Solace, but not. James Bond had tracked the bad guys to a nondescript house in the suburbs. He used up all his ammo taking out this flamboyantly gay assassin (can't remember his clever name). He was hunkered down behind a hedge outside the place when he saw a well-manicured hand stretch out from behind the corner of the house. It was holding a silenced pistol, pinky extended, and a purple shirt extending from the sleeve of his suit jacket. Bond recognized this as the wrist of "Terror Wrist," a renowned and flawless assassin who'd never missed. His MI-6 dossier didn't have any pictures, because no one who'd ever seen more than his wrist had ever survived. Bond took a running dive across the driveway, and darted through the doorway where he'd killed the gay assassin (Terror Wrist was probably just a dandy). Inside the house, he found the gay assassin's purse and located a tiny derringer pistol. When TW's shadow fell across the door, Bond got ready by hiding behind a heavy coffee table which had been knocked on its side. Then he dispatched TW by firing the tiny derringer bullet through one of the bullet holes made by TW's gun (I have fired one of these, and there's no way they're going through a door by themselves. Then again, they're also not really accurate enough to be fired through a small hole at any range). He goes to open the door to check on Terror Wrist's corpse when he hears a car pull up. It's the big boss, Mama Fratelli. And Bond's out of bullets. He curls up really small in the doorway, hidden by the sheet metal bottom half of the screen door. When Mama puts her face to the screen to look inside, Bond kicks the screen open so hard that he smushes her dead. The screen acts like a giant flyswatter, and Mama Fratelli's leathery face has red marks on it where the screen almost cut her. But then the next car pulls up and this one has the Fratelli Brothers in it. Bond slinks back into the house (still not having seen Terror Wrist, which I guess perpetuates his legend) and I wake up.

It is worth noting that as absurd as this seems, one of the Fratelli Brothers was a Bond Villain. I didn't realize that until hours later. My brain is awesome when it's not actually conscious.