November 4th, 2008

You're the man now dog!


If you're in a non-battleground state, get out there and vote for a third party candidate. If you're considering staying home rather than participating in our democracy, VOTE FOR A THIRD PARTY. In most presidential elections, less than 50% of eligible Americans vote. If the other 50% got off their asses and voted for a 3rd-party candidate, it would send a clear message to the current political machine that their days are numbered. Show them that "liberal" and "conservative" are two points on a plane, not a line. Show them that we will not accept their bullshit "US vs. them" mentality.

You know and I know that the religious fundamentalists in this country are always going to get out there and vote. Doing what they're told, especially if it means controlling what others can and can't do is what gets them off.

And if you don't like anybody who's on the ballot, remember, you always have the option to write in someone. It doesn't matter who. What matters is when the returns are in that it's 45/35, with 20% voting "other". We need election reform, and we need to reshape the debate in this country. And that means getting away from the petty bullshit schoolyard stuff that comes with an "us vs. them" system. No flag pin debates, no "you don't love America" nonsense. Because while one party is talking about inane shit like that, the others will be debating about the economy, and jobs, and things that matter and can have a real effect on this country's future. And won't the flag pin jerks look like idiots then?

Get out there and vote. And if you don't like the puppet on the left hand or the puppet on the right hand, VOTE ANYWAY. A mandate for "Mickey Mouse" is a mandate for change from the two-party machine, not within its well-defined architecture. That is the change we have been taught to accept. The change that the current power structure allows us, and deems acceptable. I say we scare them just a little bit shitless.

And if that fails: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
-- Thomas Jefferson
There's a revolution calling you.
Warm fuzzies

I voted.

Let the Gravelanche begin!

Polling place was all but empty. I make my selections, voted on the ballot questions. I checked out at the checkout table, and stuck my ballot in the scanning machine. I asked, "Is that it?" "That's it!" "Do I get a sticker or something?"

The cop stationed at the check-in table told me to come over to him. He stuck his hand up in the air and we high-fived. It was awesome. I turned to the people working there, and I said, "I should be high-fiving you guys! Thanks for volunteering!" It's not much, but I like to think it helps.

And I was in and out in under five minutes, including the time I spent thinking about ballot question #3*. Black man or not, I didn't have to show "I.D." Pretty painless.

* My girlfriend may have actually changed my mind on this one. She was concerned about illegal dog racing (is there such a thing? Where would you hold a surreptitious dog race without people noticing?) and the treatment of the animals in such a case (at present, it's regulated and supervised by veterinarians. I had to make a judgement call, but hopefully my vote doesn't decide the issue. I think it's more important to develop an economic environment where people don't need to visit dog tracks. I've also heard that the tracks themselves are likely to go out of business on their own in a very short time.