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Saturday, September 20th, 2008
20.44 - She's Crafty
If I'm ever single again, someone please remind me that all the hot young women (and their moms) hang out at craft stores.

Also, some day I should write (and star in) a sitcom about a guy who happens to be a motorcyclist. There will be other stuff, but like, whenever he's going somewhere, he does his ATGATT thing and people ask him all the stupid questions they ask me. Yes, the suit is hot, but not when I'm moving. No, I don't need a bag, I have luggage (saddlebags!). I mean, it's not in and of itself funny, but over time and and by virtue of sheer repetition, it becomes hilarious. To the point where I almost want to make up Wile E. Coyote signs. There's a lot of little funny things motorcyclists do differently, or have to put up with, that you never know about until you ride.

EDIT: If anyone's feeling particularly clever, perhaps you can help me with a mystery.

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