August 5th, 2008

The view from up here

Where ya been?

Hey, man; back off. I've been busy. Last Wednesday, I did trivia at Tommy D's in Harvard Square, followed by karaoke. My team won the trivia competition, and, if I do say so myself, I kicked ass at karaoke. Then I had to go back to work to pick up my motorcycle. So that's where I was Wednesday.

Thursday night is normally biker skum night, which is good, because the theatrical release version of the Long Way Down was playing one night only, nationwide. We (motomuffin, lionstar, and others) met at the Outback in Lowell, then wandered (ran actually, thanks to slow service) over to the theater next door. Man, was that a good movie. Makes me want to go all kinds of offroad. I can kwit job n go avenchuring pls? A lot of really sad stuff, too, since they tend to run missions for UNICEF while they're on these trips. Cliched, I know, but it really reminds you how lucky you are, and how trivial your daily concerns are. Makes it harder not to punch people at work in the face when they hassle you over things like font choice. Of course, it was dark on the way home from the theater and I had my high beam on. When I finally got closer to home and off the interstate, I switched to my low beam only to find out it had been stolen. Well, no, but it was gone. Or wait, not gone, but only working intermittently. Winking in and out. At a stoplight, I reached up to wiggle the cord leading into the headlight plug, and sure enough the light flickered on and off. Exciting times!

Saturday, I watched the episodes of Long Way Round saved on my DVR. I've been ridiculously stressed lately, so it was nice to wind down. Sunday was working on the bike. And on my computer. Seems like my antivirus (AntiVir) stopped updating at some point and my b0x3n went and got isself pwn3d. I think I have it under control; my new antivirus (Avast) is scanning my system now (or should be done by the time I got home). While I can get online on my laptop, it's not the same. Plus, I can't access PINE while nullstream is doing server migration, so my PDA's my only access to e-mail.

Tonight, I'm going to You Do It electronics in Needham to get parts for my bike and possibly to try some repairs on my phone headset (since it's apparently irreplaceable). Tomorrow night is prep night #1 and Thursday I'm working from home (prep day #2). Friday night, motomuffin's having a BBQ, then this weekend is the MMT.
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