June 18th, 2008

Bate-man... nananananananana Bateman!

Spoiler for Shyalaman's remake of "What's Happening!!" -- not even a cameo for Rerun

Cribbed from MeFi:
Hmm, reading about of The Cure/Suicide Club/Happening all in one thread makes me want to write a story. The story focuses on a series of people who meet and have conversations (maybe Richard Linklater can direct). The conversation follows various people, switching PoV to follow a different person each time. There are a variety of interactions, each spaced out by a number of hours, days, weeks, in situations ranging from the dull (retail transaction) to the horrific (a rapist who commits suicide afterwards). The catch is that every person, during or soon after their second conversation/scene, kills themselves or dies violently. So Person A talks to Person B, then A kills herself. Later, when B is talking to C, B kills himself. The twist comes when we figure out (through gradual clues in the dialogue and mannerisms) that it's really one person meeting and interacting with people in all different echelons of society, and then trading bodies with them. The old body has to die (taking the mind/soul of the other person with it) to keep this guy's secret. He found out he had this power during a violent assault that left his former body dead and his mind inside the body of his killer. His immortality has shackled him with boredom verging on madness, which he alleviates by putting himself in the shoes* of different people, to see what it's like being them.

Or is that too much like Fallen?

*Oooh, let's call it "Shoes" or "In Your Shoes".
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The view from up here

I need a vacation

I need a vacation. From everything. From work, from friends, from
relationships, from the Internet. I need a total reset switch for my
brain. Problem is, I've totally forgotten how to vacation. I spend a week
around Christmas with Becca's family in Atlanta, but that's really more of
their thing. It's not really a vacation for me. I'm not doing what I'd
like to be doing. For my birthday, I tried a three-day weekend of doing
nothing, and while restful, I didn't really get anything out of it. I
failed to catch my breath.

It's just that life is slipping by me, and I need to do something about
that. Part of that involves reducing noise for a bit while I work on being
more intentional; more active and less reactive.

I still prize my PA cabin retreat as probably the most restorative
vacation I've ever had. I'd never imagined that walking till your feet
bled and chopping wood till your bruises had blisters could be so
relaxing. Wanderlust is refreshing. Movement is relaxing. Dynamism is

Stillness is stressful. And I feel very stationary right now.