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Tuesday, June 10th, 2008
11.25 - The End of Ethanol?
Does this mean we can stop fucking around with adding HFCS sludge to our gasoline?

I was against corn ethanol from the start, but this just shows (again) how fiscally and politically irresponsible it was. Millions might starve, so what, you can have gas at twice the price and food starting to get ridiculously expensive (where it's available)?

Blah blah, competing with your car (and everyone else's) for food, lame short-sighted subsidy that looked good for farmers until they couldn't keep up with the market explosion, contributing to the deforestation of Brazil at record rates, TNSTAAFL, etc.

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15.35 - Coming soon to a motorcycle/bicycle/pedestrian near you
"Kill your television" is a popular bumper sticker. "Kill your car" not so much.

Have been without a car since... March? I don't even remember. So far, so good! Saving for a winter beater, though? You betcha!

Becca's also stopped driving to work and is taking the bus instead. So proud! (Motorcycle still works out to ~$3-4 cheaper per day than taking the train for me.)

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