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Thursday, May 8th, 2008
07.36 - Rice Run
I had to drive Becca's Scion xA yesterday to pick up some rice. It was... different. Why do people like these big, boxy things?

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13.23 - It's over ONE THOUSAND!
Got my one thousandth favorite at MetaFilter today (net, not total). Sadly, it was not due to any great comedic stroke of genius, but rather defending steampunk (of all things). And here I had this whole thing prepared about making people laugh a thousand times, and therefore my life not being *completely* worthless (whether or not I choose to waste it on the Internet). Oh well. At least #1,001 was in defense of comedy: it was a comment for all the Seinfeld haters out there (handsome and intelligent bastards that they are). Yes, I am aware of the contradiction inherent in two contiguous favorites being received such that one is a comment decrying haters and the next is hating on someone (even a ridiculously overhyped whiner).

EDIT: Holy Jeezum Cripes, that comment is now my second most favorited item (post OR comment) evar. I am delighted if this means that people agree that feeling shame for someone else is a disgusting sentiment. I couldn't care less about steampunk (indeed, that's why I chose to write a story in that vein).

mood: what, nine thousand?

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