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Thursday, April 10th, 2008
13.51 - Sun's out
After 24hrs that seemed designed to frustrate, the sun's finally out.

Last night, on my way home, my headlight blew out. The bulb literally exploded. And I've got one of those bikes with only one headlight (two filaments; one for bright, one regular). Last night, Becca was just sitting down to dinner as I was getting into bed, despite the fact that I told her it was really important I start getting 8 hours of sleep (she's the one who has to wake up at 6AM; but I can't fall back asleep after her alarm). Woke up this morning tired and cranky. Decided on a late morning at the office while I tried to figure out what was wrong with my bike and how much it would cost to fix (I didn't yet know my headlamp had exploded; it was too dark to see the glass fragments last night). So I missed a 10AM meeting. But after 2hrs of wrenching, I'd gotten the bike back together. Turns out the spare bulbs thrown in by the girl who sold me the Civic were exactly the kind I needed to replace mine. So now I know enough about my bike to more quickly pull off the front end and play with the wiring/change the headlight. Still couldn't figure out how to route the heated grips through the ignition so I don't have to worry about leaving them on when parked, but I did see the relay thingy with "HOT GRIPS" on it.

Did a little work once I made it to the office, then went along on an outing to Chinatown. Yay, Dim Sum. Haven't done that since I was in high school. While all the foreign language kids went to Europe, the rest of us went to... Chinatown (NY, not Boston). Ok, that was only one of the days that week. We did a lot of really neat stuff that week, and since it was only about half the class (20-25 kids?), we could do a few non-field-trippy types of things. Including leading an unsupervised tour around the Metropolitan Museum of Art (I was in my art history phase then; never met any chicks from it, sadly).

Tonight is biker skum/scooter trash night. Will hopefully catch the tail end of Euro bike night at MotoMarket and then foods. Yay, foods.

Boo deadlines at work. And at taxes. Especially at taxes. Busy weekend ahead.

mood: Food: it's what's for meal.

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