January 31st, 2008

Evil Evil Evil I Love Evil!

Nyarlathotep + Anagram Generator = Entertainment


Some highlights:

Thorny Palate
Ethanol Party (I've always said any politician who supports putting corn sludge in my gas is pure evil)
Talon Therapy (cruel to be kind)
Torah Aplenty (chewy candy scriptures for good little Jewish boys & girls?)
A Threat Pylon
A Portly Thane (Falstaff?)
Hotplate Yarn
Leant Atrophy
A Alert Python (grammar schmammar)
A Plant Theory
A Ratty Phenol
Lent or Apathy (I chose apathy)
Pretty Anal Ho
Tantra Help, Yo (this is a story in itself, about a stoner trying to get girls)
Apart the Only (ooh, that's kinda spooky-cool)

I was trying to come up with some goofy character names for my Lovecraftian contribution to MeFi's first short-fiction anthology. Some of these are really good sinister things, but not good names. There are plenty of good evil words in there: attar, loathe, thorny, earthly (think Hades, chthonic deities), hater, threat; and some good animals of prey, like panther and hyena. Also alpha and theta, which are always nice for giving things a slightly alien feel (alien as in not normal, not as in beepboopbiip antennae big black eyes).

Of course, my favorite name for Nyarlathotep is simply "The Black Man." Oh, Lovecraft, you crazy xenophobe. All your stories boil down to one thing: being scared of the big Black Coq. Thanks for elevating my brothers to the level of gods in your paranoia. It makes us seem cool! And Canadian, which is even cooler!
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