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Thursday, January 24th, 2008
00.01 - I am a bastard neighbor
Earlier tonight, I took laundry out of the washer (and then the dryer) when they'd been sitting dormant for ~45 minutes. Sorry, but I need my laundry done before midnight.

Just now, I went to tell my downstairs neighbor that he puts his music too loud every night around 10:30-11pm just as I'm trying to fall asleep. You cats who've been reading my journal for awhile know how dearly I need my sleep.

But on the flip side, I'm a good employee. I finished tomorrow's project (according to my self-imposed deadline) tonight during DS/CR. I rewarded myself with a pretty elegant episode of Mythbusters. That was a frickin' bitchin' lead balloon. And who knows? Tomorrow I might join an intraoffice LAN game or play some darts. I could get used to this whole work hard/play hard dynamic.

It beats "word hard/cry hard" when the bills come and paycheck is just not enough.

Treat for you.

mood: heartless

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10.21 - The Return of The Return of That Pretentious Music Jerk
So... The White Stripes, huh? Lemme see, lofi guitar-and-drum rock duo with punk influences? Yeah, I liked them better when they were called Local H.

Yup, that's right. I'm just now listening to the White Stripes. Thanks to pandora as referred to me in this MetaChat post.

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