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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008
07.20 - MeFi claptrap
Wow, 41 favorites for my MetaFilter comment on yesterday's market turmoil. The thing is, I didn't see one single reply to my comment, which is odd, given the response in favorites. I think that means that I said all I needed to say, and that I was saying it to a different audience than the folks arguing back and forth about fiscal policy.

Sheesh, I hope I actually helped somebody with all my adviceness.

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19.01 - Can anyone help me trailer my bike
For the local peeps / x-posted from NEDoD

I've got a GoldWing out in Northborough I'd like to trailer to my new apartment in West Newton, Saturday morning, Feb. 2. I need to help my girlfriend move that day, but I need to get my bike out of my friend's garage before he moves to Virginia. So I'd like to do it first thing in the morning, hopefully setting out from Waltham no later than the ungodly hour of 8AM. I'm fine with renting a trailer from UHaul, but I thought I'd see if anyone who'd like to assist had a tow vehicle I could hook UHaul's m/c trailer up to. If you have your own trailer, that's even awesomer.

The plan is to take all the people who help us to move out to dinner in the evening. So if you think that's a fair trade for no more than 2 hours of your time, ping me back offlist. If you have your own sturdy trailering rig, I'll throw in a 12-pack of your favorite beer or the equivalent in non-alcoholic refreshment for us teatotallers out there. ;)


PS - If anyone wants to help us move either that weekend or the next, we'll be offering the same dinner-and-beer deal both Saturdays as we move our furniture from A to B. Even if you can just help for part of either day, it would be much appreciated. Just make sure you leave us your phone number when you head out so we can call you back to join us for dinner. Not that it'll be that much work; probably no more than 1-2 trips each day and then she and I can ferry the little stuff.

PPS - Free motorcycle parking in my GARAGE for anyone that helps. (yay, garage!)

mood: planning

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