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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008
17.59 - Superpower idea: Bartender
Name: Bartholomew Ender
Alias: (The) Bartender
Superpower: The Two-Drink Minimum. Any and all persons approaching the body of Bartender experience the equivalent of alcoholic intoxication proportional to the range and duration of their proximity. The effect at ten feet is roughly that of two drinks, hence its name.

Individuals can, over extended periods of contact, build a "tolerance" to the effects of the power, but prolonged exposure followed by separation can result in headaches, lack of focus, and sensitivity to light; similar to the effects of a hangover. Continuous exposure, as with teammates and loved ones can lead to a dependence on his physical presence where his absence can induce symptoms of withdrawal. A certain portion of the population (with large overlap with the population of alcoholocs) is succeptible to an addiction to his proximity. In other words, the effect is indistinguishable from that of alcohol on a given individual.

Possible team-ups: Drunken Master?

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