January 14th, 2008

You're the man now dog!

Stop saying "hello"!

slashdot: Telecommuting Can Be Bad For Those Who Don't lol arse tecnica

Yeah, or it can be totally awesome for getting work done, especially when your office is as chatty and loud-shouty (hello, everyone in the company is on Skype; use it) as ours is. Too bad I didn't have much work to do. Note to self: Snow days are awesome for getting work accomplished, even when you fall and skin your knee trying to save your laptop from hitting the pavement. I think I'll save my telecommuting days for waiting for the cable guy to show up. (Wait, how do you telecommute while waiting to have internet? Shh! You're ruining my segue!)

Speaking of Internet, what do people think of FiOS? I mean, everyone I've heard loves the hell out of it, and it's better than giving money to Comcast, right? But is it really that much better? The little lady and I are in cost-cutting mode. She says she'd be content with my current set-up: $60 a month for cable internet and the basic-est cable. She would like a landline, but not if it's going to be much more than $20/mo. I'm intrigued by the larger upload pipe (something like 12× faster than comcast's pitiful 384kbps upstream), specifically for the uploading of large documents while telecommuting. But will I see the difference in day-to-day internetory operations?
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