January 3rd, 2008

Hello Time Bomb!

Damn, RAM

I'm cashing out my reward dollars from my soon-to-be-old job, and for lack of any better options, I took the balance in amazon gift "certificates". So naturally, I'm planning to get a bunch of computer hardware to upgrade my aging home system.

For a DVD-burner (yeah, I know, welcome to the '90s), I like this one. Whee, that was easy. Or do I still need to worry about all that +/- garbage?

More difficult is the next call. I want to get an LCD monitor. My very excellent soon-to-be-former-boss gave me her old 19" Sony, which is really tiny compared to my 19" CRT. So I'm thinking I need something 19" or bigger. But this Sony only goes up to 1024x768 resolution. Seriously. I feel like an old person sitting too close to a (non-HD) TV. I need something that will at least get me into the 1600s. I'm also not really sold on widescreen. Why get 17 million pixels at 1680×1050 when I can have 19 mil at 1600×1200? I've been told to look for Samsung or NEC. This Samsung is probably the best I've seen after narrowing down Amazon's categories (<$500, 20+", <9ms refresh). Good dot pitch, I think. Suggestions/recommendations?

And what do folks recommend for a one-touch backup drive (external, small form factor a plus so I can throw it in my safe deposit box)? If I had to guess, I'd go with Maxtor 300GB/500GB. I've had good luck with Maxtor drives in the past.

I thought RAM was supposed to be cheap these days*. Err, $1000 for 2GB? Am I missing something here? Wouldn't it be cheaper to save the money to buy a new computer? Shit, I paid less for my car.

And speaking of new computers, have chipmakers stopped benchmarking things on how many GHz a processor has? Dell.com's PCs all seem to be 2.2-2.4 GHz. Umm... my Dell's 2.4 GHz, and it's... 4 years old? Granted, it's not a 64-bit processor or whatever, but last I heard 64-bit won't do very much at all unless I'm running high-end apps designed for 64-bit processing.

And if I have a GeForce4 Ti 4200, should I look at upgrading it, or not bother? I think my motherboard is too old to run with whatever the new hotnesses are. I just know that running FarCry made my computer want ToCry and even GTA doesn't look as awesome as it probably should on my monitor. But hey, this is at the low end of the wish-list for now.

*Ok, so the last time I looked at RAM was like... 5 years ago.