December 14th, 2007


New Year's Eve

So... do any of you nearby New England-type folks have New Year's plans? I was thinking of staging some kind of minor get-together at my place, maybe with a Stanley Kubrick movie marathon or Futurama or whatever. I just always forget to make 'plans' for the 'new year'. Which is fine, in a way, because it ensures snuggletime with my sweetheart.
I'm working on it


So, as it turns out, I'm going to be doing this next year. Collaborative novel. I'm last, which means potentially the greatest responsibility to not fuck up rests on my shoulders. I mean, there will be a final editor, but I've got to tie all the story elements of 8 other monkeys together. At any rate, my part doesn't kick in until September. In the meanwhile, I will carry on with my current book: Planar Trigonometry with Five Place Logarithm Tables. Math from before the invention of calculators? Sign me up!
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