August 25th, 2007

Warm fuzzies

Dang neer spilt yer berthday

Today is vinz_klortho's birthday. I celebrated by watching "Dang near spilt your beer" shows like "fishin show with some guy" and "let's increase the horsepower of anything with wheels" on the cable channels contadina discovered I have. Previously, I had only ever used my cable TV connection here to watch the Simpsons. Comcast assured me I was getting only the "basic package" and it would be cheaper to get cable TV with my internet than just internet alone. So I'll have to watch my bills carefully to make sure there's not a hidden screw job in there somewhere. This is Comcast (we're throttling your torrent traffic, legal or not), after all.

Tonight I am schlepping all the way out to Lunenburg (so called because it is a suburb of our planet's moon, Luna) with my lady love to celebrate the births of both motomuffin and lionstar, the latter of whom now owns tckma's former Nighthawk 250. I'm torn, because I really want to ride there (since it will be attended by thousands of motogeeks), but then, I'd actually like to bring my girlfriend. If only she rode, or if I had a better bike for riding 2-up (being less of a fatty wouldn't hurt, either). I need to fix up the GoldWing this winter!

Right now, I have so many things I want to do that I'm accomplishing nothing. Gotta get organizized!
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