June 28th, 2007

A Solitary Mine

Tonight, I'm free

Holy crap, tonight is the first night I haven't needed to move boxes, pack, grocery shop, attend a work meeting or go to a Rush concert in over a week. Of course, I haven't done laundry in about 2 weeks which means I've got no clean clothes. So tonight is technically laundry night (actually, last Saturday was laundry day, so I have been forced to cobble together work appropriate attire from random bits of string, dryer lint, roadkill pelts, and medical waste (sanitized first, of course)). But I don't have to leave the house. I'm celebrating by not unpacking and going to bed early. I may or may not eat dinner! My life is exciting if I use enough exclamation points when I describe it!

I am making a list of things wrong with my apartment to give to my landlord tomorrow/Saturday. Whee!

  • Wonky/hinky outlets in the kitchen/bathroom.

  • Minor damage that was here when I moved in (so I'm not liable)

  • Outside light not working (he knows about this, was looking at it last weekend)

  • Windows in the living room/kitchenette need work, heat seals and screens (he knows about this and has said he will have repairsmen just replace them)

That's all I've had time to look at so far. I haven't really used most of the apartment, as the LR/Kitchen is crammed with boxes to the point of impassibility. Sorry, I have been BUSY (see paragraph 1 of this entry).

Time to put clothes in the dryer! EXCITING!!!!`!?!!!
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