May 25th, 2007

Wu-Tang Financial

Competition was tough, but I took home my class' "Golden Jackass" award for outstanding jokery

Back from training. More training in June, and I'll be staying here. And they asked me my shirt size today, so I would presume I am getting a swank new polo shirt OMG U JELLOUS YET. Still waiting for firm flight and car rental information (as in, will I be one of the folks to get one, or will I have to rent a bike for myself), so I can make plans to see the Sethaüs, d_klein, and other assorted internet persons. You'll all know after I do.

Next objective is to find an apartment. I already requested info from Cornell about the best methods for finishing the 4 credits I'm missing; which I'm sure once I have my own digs, I'll be able to work on in between juggling my two jobs. So if I'm quiet on lj (well, quieter), feel free to reach out and contact me. Make sure I'm not dead every once in awhile, k?

Today, during the down periods in my training class, I started reading A Lesson is Learned but the Damage is Irreversible from the first strip and they're every bit as dreamily dilectible as I misremembered them. They're a lucid dreamer's heroin (NOTE: did not use tired "crack" reference). And if you plan to have down time this long weekend (for those in the US, of course), why not reread When I Am King? Not to take anything away from the dailies, but these are some of the best of the genre and really show what creativity and electronic comics can do together. Best of all, free!
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